The new release is an anthology of melodic, shoe-gaze rock tracks with a dark and sometimes psychedelic feel, written and produced by Tim Hort, who plays guitar and sings on all the tracks. These songs were selected from Hort's larger catalogue based on their common moody and introverted qualities.

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Tim Hort 2

The 10 track is a hook-laden pop/rock album and Hort's second release in 2024. The flip side to Hort's tendency for darker songwriting, this album is an alter ego collection of Hort's upbeat songs. For fans of late 60's retro pop, or bands like Push Puppets, Spoon or Guided by Voices.

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Tim Hort

RE: Bookings info

Greetings – 

I am a Chicago-based studio musician and performer with formal training in voice and guitar, recording, live performance, and production. 

In addition to session work and touring in various artist projects, I am a songwriter and composer with several full-length albums of my own material featuring Grammy-winning contributors. I also have been involved in local theater scores, choreographed material, and soundscapes, and I have received distribution label support and rotation airplay.

This EPK is for booking Tim Hort solo (or solo with backup) shows. The ideal venues include coffee shops, pubs, galleries, streetfests, benefits, on-air performances,  and neighborhood and private events.

My songwriting efforts have been released primarily under monikers other than my name, including “The Radio Hour,” and the songs are available on all major music platforms.

I hope you will get to know me better through a read of the "EPK, PRESS & MUSIC" section and of course, by checking out my music. 

All the best,